Voice Broadcasting & Robocalls

We provide a wide range of Voice & Robocalls services

Voice Broadcasting is now one of the most formidable tools in any campaign’s arsenal.

Fundraising, early voting reminders, persuasion calls, advocacy calls, and special event notifications are all examples of the effective uses of Voice Broadcasting or robocalls services. This technology allows you to target thousands of audience in just a few hours with a personal pre-recorded message. Busy signals and no-answers can be automatically redialed and if a person you are trying to reach is not home we can leave a message; just contact us, provide your recorded message and tell us who you want to call, we will do the rest.

Software Quality Assurance:

Our Software Quality Assurance (QA) team provides an expert third party whose sole objective is to find and resolve areas of risk and points of failure. Depending on your project, using the cloud for software testing can provide increased flexibility and reduce costs. We can help determine if this is the right approach for your project. We offer a full software testing lifecycle service on demand, so that clients can augment their own development resources with our QA Analysts. Our independent analysis helps to provide oversight and superior product readiness for any application, with staff working from either our location or the client’s.

Based on the customer’s requirements, budgets and needs, we are often asked to perform only certain aspects of the QA lifecycle, with the customer’s in house QA department or other subject matter experts taking over the cycle at a point that is most suitable to them.

Large-scale projects generally have a requirement for our QA group to be actively involved in all stages of the development. Formal procedures and sign-offs are most prevalent on these large initiatives, where often the project’s risks and visibility are more evident. Our staff sometimes takes direction from the customer’s management, following their directives and methodologies even after product has been implemented and deployed. More often, however, we lead the QA process all the way into the post-implementation stage. In order to ensure excellent customer satisfaction, our QA team performs series of tests before deployment, and depending on the type of project we may perform usability Testing, Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, Functional Testing, Regression Testing, Load Testing, Security Testing and Acceptance Testing.